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Cracking The Communication Code To An Extraordinary Relationship

Unearth & Amplify the Original Delight of Your Love Relationship through my Eight Step Signature Couples Coaching System.

What makes relationships thrive, and what makes them come apart?

No one gets married hoping to come apart, but they don't have the tools to achieve the ultimate level of thriving they want in their relationship. Many couples shy away from therapy - ok, let's be honest, especially men - and for very understandable reasons! Therapy does not appeal to many - YET, they still want to understand the patterns that are holding back deep love and respect in their relationships, and discover how to change that.

That is why I created my 8 STEP Couples Coaching System, which focuses on the process of falling in and out of love, including chemistry; developmental aspects such as patterns established growing up in our families that we bring into our relationship; and the surprising factors and skills needed now to keep our relationship thriving.

You can say goodbye to drawn out weekly therapy. Through our work, we can shift patterns toward a healthy thriving relationship for you and your partner in a shorter amount of concentrated time. So you can get what you want: to be loved, respected, and cherished for who you really are. And perhaps you want some of that MAGIC you had at the beginning?!

If you want to build a high-rise, you have to build a deep, steel-strong foundation! As a couples therapist, I witness first hand how weekly therapy session for newish couples often misses laying down the foundation of prevention - insufficiently practicing the new skills that get you what you want. My coaching program leads my clients towards thriving in sustainable marriages, not just surviving. We push away from ping-pong therapy (re-enacting each time the same issues, without addressing the source) to create a Vision of a relationship that can be crafted together, understood and lived in with comfort, joy and happiness.

The Couples who enroll in my Program are taught fundamentals that I find couples don't inherently know. Like how to feel loved, cherished and contented in their relationship. A knowing that their life partners have their backs. Perhaps they haven't spent the time determining what are the characteristics of truly committed people? In our work together, we discover the real connection between your relationship & your behavior choices, and generate genuine optimism for your relationship.

Wouldn't it feel amazing to understand why you behave the way you do when you're upset? None of us really like screaming at our partners or giving the silent treatment. But sometimes it feels like we can't help it. Perhaps we are yelling to be heard, or because we feel deeply hurt or frustrated and we don't know what else to do. While exploring the issues of your childhood are key, you are married in the present, and we work as fully and abundantly as possible in that space. You can and will learn to neutralize your reactive, survival wiring to stop your unintended violation of your own standards for yourself.

Each Step in the system is dense with exercises, books and handouts. During the time between coaching sessions, you have clear guidance to apply the methods that you are learning.

A critical piece to your success in couples coaching is individually understanding the power of old patterns; identifying, experimenting with, and cultivating self soothing techniques & practices; identifying deeper patterns that block willingness and ability to reach goals; and applying new understandings and skills as you gain insight into your part in the relationship dance.

You can go from chaos to clarity.

You can re-connect with your partner in Couples Coaching.

No more you against your partner nor your partner against you!

My work is highly customized for each couple, depending on your specific needs. I'd love to invite you to a complimentary Strategy Conversation to understand your needs, so I can match those needs with the appropriate program to help you fulfill those needs.


We decided to go to therapy directly after we got married because we wanted to find out how to communicate with each other before we had serious issues to communicate to each other. Because of Kathryn's determination to help us understand the other person and how they function as an individual and partner, we learned how to better appreciate each other in our married moments that are not blissful but unavoidable. The care she gave to helping us, helped us to better care for each other. We are two years into our marriage now, and every day we use the tools Kathryn gave us to better our lives.
~ Jessica and Jay Delost



Kathryn Tornquist, in a lifeless marriage relationship for twenty five years, decided not to celebrate it! Having helped couples thrive for many years, she embarked on a journey of inspired learning and intrigue. A former Nurse-Psychotherapist (1981 - 2019), she charted a course of educational and personal development, becoming a Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, a Consciousness Coach, a Graduate of Mandala of Being Training and a Certified NLP practitioner.

Through these and many other experiences and trainings, including new cultivated relationships, she felt a burning desire to help her clients transform suffering in disappointing marriages. Steered by her passion, she began teaching couples how to tame Lower Brain reactivity and live increasingly from their Higher Brain. She also created the protocols and components of her 8 Step Signature Couples' Coaching System to deepen their love, thus helping them cultivate rich, connected partnerships.

She now lives a juicy, alive life with travel both personally and professionally. She is a grandmother who loves to dance and play racquetball, hang out with kids and grandkids, spend time with close, authentic friends, and in Nature - watch squirrels romp, gaze at stars (especially in the desert), and watch clouds shape shift. Alone or with favorite others, she enjoys a summer concert, or a good play in an intimate theatre. She is admittedly a health/food/nutrition snob, and is old enough that consistent exercise of some sort is a regular must. AND she is a FOREVER LEARNER!

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