Welcome to Lasting Change

What feeds your soul? Lights you up? Energizes you? Keeps you feeling ALIVE?!

"You always seem to share the best of you, your wisdom and compassion, which seems to bring the best of me to the light. I'm so grateful to journey some with you."

I know that you want to live a happy, fulfilling life. You have a purpose for being here. Perhaps that is predetermined and you must discover it, or perhaps you believe that you create your purpose. Either way, you need to be HEALTHY in every aspect of your being to fully live your purpose.

You have your own resources and answers within. My challenge is to help you access those answers by providing resources, tools, and understanding.

I work from where YOU are - what's working, what's not, towards what YOU want to be different in your life. Knowing what that is allows us to find/create the path to that desired future that has perhaps eluded you.

Our exploration begins where you are: your current situation, your concept of yourself, the nature of the Universe, and whatever religious or spiritual beliefs you have or don't have. Everything we do from there is tailored to YOU.