The Short Answer:

To Quote Donna Eden in the first line of her book, Energy Medicine, "You are a latticework of energies." The first and foremost determiner of your state of health is how freely and harmoniously these energies are flowing.

Energy Medicine is the practice of identifying imbalances in those energy systems, and working to correct those imbalances. Additionally, it is teaching and practicing strategies that support the healthy functioning of the energy systems, much like you exercise and eat fruits and vegetables to keep the body humming happily.

A unique aspect of Donna Eden Energy Medicine is that clients learn ways to actively participate in their own healing and energy health. Energetic health correlates directly with physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

The Long Answer:

I know that you want to live a happy, fulfilling life. You have a purpose for being here. Perhaps that is predetermined and you must discover it, or perhaps you believe that you create your purpose. Either way, you need to be HEALTHY in every aspect of your being to fully live your purpose.

When have you been at the top of your game - ALIVE, JOYFUL, HAVING THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE SEEMINGLY EFFORTLESSLY? Ask yourself, when was that? What were you doing? How were you feeling? What were you thinking? Or WERE you thinking?! Or were you just flowing with whatever it was?

THAT, My Friend, is your birthright!

Eden Energy Medicine evolved with Donna Eden's own healing journey, supported from birth by a very rare mother who knew to nurture Donna's healer awareness. Donna actually SEES 9 different energy systems in our bodies, all intertwined yet distinct in their functions.

Now, lest this sound too airy fairy for you, know that much of the work has been discovered to correlate with thousands of years old healing strategies from many cultures. Additionally, while the scientific research is in its infancy, there is a growing body of research supporting the theory and demonstrating the potency of Energy Medicine. For instance, a study in the 90s demonstrated the existence of the meridian pathways used in acupuncture just as they were mapped 5,000 years ago in China.

While we wait for the plodding pace of good research, there is a preponderance of practitioners and their clients who are thriving in the healing results of Energy Medicine.

On the Oprah Winfrey show in April of 2008, Dr. Oz said that Energy Medicine is the medicine of the future. It has to be. It is the source of all of our health balances and imbalances. Everything else is treating symptoms.

EXAMPLE: A surgeon can often remove a cancerous tumor. Does that remove or cure the cause of the cancer? Of course not! The one imbalance we can be pretty sure of is that the immune system is compromised. We all have cancer cells in our bodies. Our immune systems keep them in check. But when the spleen meridian - the primary anchor of the immune system - does not have enough energy flowing through it, the spleen is not fed sufficiently to do its job, leaving the door open for cancer cells to multiply.

Our bodies are designed to handle all assaults - to live active, healthy lives to at least 114! However, there are many reasons why that is looking less and less likely, even while retirement homes are filled with nonagenarians! STAY TUNED! I will address these reasons periodically. For here, suffice it to say, as you likely know, that we have far more complex "stressors" than our ancestors.

These stressors include the ones we manufacture with our limiting belief systems creating unrealistic expectations - of ourselves, partners, family members, other drivers :), work situations, our government, etc. This is the stuff of therapy; mix in Energy Medicine and you accelerate your healing/growth.

I am a Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner as of February, 2009. I use Energy Medicine with clients in 2 ways:

  1. Incorporating tools into therapy, either in session or as homework
  2. Sessions focused on Energy Medicine.

Additionally, I offer Energy Medicine workshops to teach skills that you can learn yourself to enhance your own energy systems.