I had previously gone to other therapists but I never felt comfortable with them regarding my own problems. Kathryn was different, especially because she focused on the reasons I came to therapy and how to solve those problems. The past worked itself in where necessary, but she was much more focused on who I was, what I believed, and what I was hoping to become. It was through her belief that I could personally participate in my future, and my past was something that affected me but it didn't define me, that allowed me to become a better person.

My favorite part of therapy were the various tools used by Kathryn that helped me to take the lessons I learned in therapy into my life outside of therapy. I am a spiritual person, but I am not a religious person. Kathryn helped me foster my spirituality into my own recovery while also helping me to foster positive self-talk and patience with myself through my own belief system.
~ Jessica Delost

I have thought about writing you over the last year or so... just to let you know how much I benefited from my sessions with you. I was going through a rough transition, and you empowered me in many ways. So thank you, and I hope this finds you well.
~ Amanda F.

We think of you often and are continually grateful for your guidance and encouragement. It truly has allowed us to love each other again. Thank you!

Speaking with you helped pull me out of something I never experienced before and hope to never experience again.

Thanks for being in my life!

Your insight, knowledge and intuition always snaps me back to the reality, that not everything is all wrong. Thank you for knowing what I need.

You helped me feel positive about myself.

"You always seem to share the best of you, your wisdom and compassion, which seems to bring the best of me to the light. I'm so grateful to journey some with you.

We are a better couple because of the therapy that I was able to receive from you.

MY STORY - From a Solutions Focused Coaching Grad.

I have known Kathryn Tornquist since I was a teenager! It's hard to believe but nearly 38 years have passed since she first came into my life as an interventionist in a very troubled family and personal situation.

Dysfunctional was the by-word for our family then, and it was Kathryn who gave hope and direction to a teenager in BIG spiritual trouble! Over the many years, Kathryn has come in and out of my life and we have done work together.

The tools she has at her disposal have given me Confidence, a sense of Who I Really Am, and the resilience to face a world that is often hostile towards me because of the very nature of my being, my identity. Without Kathryn's guidance and help as Teacher, there is no way I would have, could have, survived Adulthood.

The basic concepts, the tools, that she shared with me have stuck with me throughout decades of use and the many changes I have undergone in my Journey. She helped shape me, by helping ME SHAPE ME. In my own way, in my own individuality, at my own speed. I cannot say this any stronger: I would not BE ME if I had not learned HOW to BE ME in my work with her.

I also want to say this: many of Kathryn's tools may sound funky and somewhat New Age, but I have found that everything I learned with her fits nicely into my identification as a believer in Science and a Christian. So don't be put off by labels and misunderstandings like that. This is GOOD STUFF and it WORKS. The tools and techniques she teaches are like an Extra Big Shovel when your spirit needs extra help to dig itself out!

So if you re searching for some extra help in getting yourself together, or back together, so you can move forward through your life with Confidence, Energy, Joy you need to take that first big step and call Kathryn for a meeting.

She calls it a Journey and she calls it Work and it is both, and sometimes tough. But I can vouch for the results. I know you'll feel the way I did everytime I walked down that long sidewalk to her classroom and then walked back: a sense of Discovery of who you are!