The Short Answer:

You have your own resources and answers within. My challenge is to help you access those answers by providing resources, tools, and understanding.

I work from where YOU are - what's working, what's not, towards what YOU want to be different in your life. Knowing what that is allows us to find/create the path to that desired future that has perhaps eluded you.

I consider it a privilege to walk this piece of your journey with you.


The Long Answer:

We are all worthy of feeling vibrant, healthy, whole, and successful. You are already successful to a definite degree or you wouldn't have done the self reflection and exploration to get yourself to this website. Something different is stirring in you - new timing, new doubt, new pain, new inspiration, new desperation, new commitment to a different life, new perspective of possibility, new direction, new motivation.


Our exploration begins where you are: your concept of yourself, the nature of the Universe, and whatever religious or spiritual beliefs you have or don't have. Everything we do from there is tailored to YOU.

That change occurs in an instant! PREPARATION for that change is sometimes difficult/painful, requiring time and focused effort. NOT ALWAYS! AND there is fun involved in the process - or I'm not doing my job.

Therapy/coaching/consultation is the responsibility of all parties involved:

  1. You bring a desire and willingness to change specific thoughts, feelings, behaviors, attitudes, or beliefs which seem to be working ineffectively.
  2. I bring an expertise in:
    1. clarification of the problem, it's sources, and desired results or outcomes
    2. assessment of strengths and weaknesses
    3. use of the art and science of the therapeutic process
    4. engagement of energy medicine concepts and tools, as it often increases the efficiency of the therapeutic process
I see therapy in three distinct, yet overlapping segments:
  1. Symptom Relief - nearly everyone comes in with some disturbing, sometimes seemingly intolerable pain or discomfort, begging you to look at what's going on so you can live more fully who you really are.
  2. Prevention - What needs to change so "this" doesn't happen again - a limiting belief? Inadequate coping skills? Old reactive patterns of thoughts, feelings, behaviors? Your understanding about how the Universe works?
  3. Enrichment - Health is about more than freedom from symptoms/illness. It's about living YOUR life, YOUR purpose, feeding YOUR soul in a way that richly connects you with the important people in your life, and allows you to live intentionally in alignment with YOUR best self.

You decide for which of these you seek my assistance.