LINKS Richard Moss M.D. is my primary consciousness teacher, although I have not been actively in his tutelage for awhile. Check out his site, especially for the free 5 week Mandala of Being online course.

http://www.innersource.netThis is the home site for Donna Eden's Energy Medicine resources, as well as her husband, David Feinstein's, Energy Psychology. Both are rich resources for healing and energy fitness. Young Living oils are the purest available. Gary Young travels the world searching out the very best, raises some of the sources himself, and has built a bottomless reservoir of knowledge and understanding of the oils and how they work. Many of them can be extremely useful in helping you reach your goals and cope with challenges. Explore the website, the list of oils and combinations of oils; see what draws your attention. I would be happy to discuss these, especially outside of therapy sessions. I am a distributor.