The Short Answer:

  • Individual Coaching - men, women, teens
  • Marriage Coaching
  • Premarital Coaching
  • Other couples
  • Divorce Coaching = How can we avoid the adversarial, conflict-accelerating
  • Energy Medicine
  • Consciousness Coaching - Enriching the life you have.
  • Workshops for living more effectively moment to moment - more in concert with your best self.

The Long Answer:


The global perspective of coaching with Kathryn is in three, usually overlapping stages. YOU decide in which of these 3 you want to invest your time, energy, and money:

  • Symptom Relief
    Achieving relief from whatever you define the problem to be; virtually anything that is stopping you from being your best you:

    Office Interior
    • Distressed Relationships
    • Anxiety
    • Overwhelming fear
    • Worry
    • Depressed Feelings
    • Unhappiness
    • Stress
    • Disappointments
    • Confusion
    • Self worth or self efficacy issues
    • Sense of inadequacy
    • Frustrations with life
    • Grief>
    • ___(Fill in the Blank)__.
  • Prevention
    You don't want this to happen again. What do we need to shift to maintain the relief?

    You have foreseen an undesired possibility that you want to prevent, e.g:

    • Your marriage becoming humdrum
    • Focusing so much on parenting that you fear losing the richness of your marriage relationship
    • A change in the family dynamics
    • An anticipated loss
  • Enriching Your Quality of Life
    You have your life essentially well managed. You want more meaning or vibrancy or simply happiness. Often the sense is, "Is-This-All-There-Is?" Sometimes it's like this: "Ok, I played by the rules (worked hard, raised my family, honored my religious/spiritual beliefs, maybe built a nice retirement),



    • ADDRESSING I: Individual or Relationship Coaching:

      FIRST, we look at how you want things to be - What will your evidence be when you have achieved what you came to coaching for? You see, we need to know where we're headed to find the path from here to there. Sometimes that's clear, sometimes it requires a little exploring to articulate that clearly.

      SECOND, we look at what's stopping you. Then we set about to find the simplest, most effective way to get there. Sometimes those are short answers in the Present. When the obvious ones don't work, we start looking for deeper, "wired in" patterns of thoughts or behaviors that need recognition and releasing.


      Strategies for prevention are virtually always part of the symptom relief work. Here we take a focused look at what's in place already, and what other shifts will add insurance that the issues will not recur, and/or that they would be recognized and shifted before they interfer with life.


      THIS IS THE FUN WORK! Here I use my training, skills, and experience as a CONSCIOUSNESS COACH to guide you in exploring the "bigger" questions, e.g. Is-This-All-There-Is? Is there more to life than earning a living, raising a fmaily, finding interesting/helpful ways to be in the world? Who am I really? HOW CAN I BE HAPPIER?! OR: Is that popular saying, "Life's a bitch, then we die" true?!

Our exploration begins where you are: your concept of yourself, the nature of the Universe, and whatever religious or spiritual beliefs you have or don't have. Everything we do from there is tailored to YOU. There are endless tools for you to move toward your ideals. And YES! you can have the life of depth that YOU want!

This is not work for the faint hearted. It is not compatible with a goal of comfort. If it were easy, you would have pushed the Easy Button long ago and be there. Real change, growth cannot occur at the same level of consciousness in which you are. That demands looking at yourself and your world in a way that you haven't before.

There is almost always homework. Change does not occur in an hour every week or two. It depends first and foremost on the attention you pay, the willingness you bring to practicing new patterns til you discover what works for you.

Therapy is not a science. It is an art developed on a firm foundation of science. Science will never hold the answers to the complexity and mystery of our existence as spiritual beings having a physical experience with this personality and this body.

COME! DISCOVER how very much more than that you are!!


Weekly sessions maintain continuity of your work. Sometimes bi-weekly sessions will work - when possible. Bi-weekly sessions can be helpful when financial constraints prohibit weekly sessions.

Eventually, less frequent sessions are useful:

  • for more practice of new skills
  • to see how well new patterns hold
  • to allow other issues to come up as the early issues clear
  • to see how well those are handled with the new skills and patterns